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Contactless Menu

This platform makes restaurants, contactless in their operations. Customer will order menu at his/her own phone by scanning QR code of menu. There is no need to download any QR Menu Files which avoids inconvenience of users.

Mobile Form

  • Get data from so many different place at real time
  • Input data at mobile then data will send to web admin
  • Admin can add , delete and change the input data field
  • Dynamic Form - Easy to create form with few click

Paperless Visitor Pass

  • Auto records Date & Time as default and record Phone No# , Name & Company , Purpose , Person to visit
  • It record also picture ( ID or visitor face ) with additional Picture for things ( product delivery )
  • It print automatically Vistior Pass ID at POS (receipt) printer
  • Admin can view who still stay in the company
  • Provides all history of visitor as report ( xls )- log book

Petty Cash Recorder

  • Monitor Petty Cash Flow & Liquidation at a glance
  • Liquidate Expense with Receipt Picture at mobile
  • Need to attach receipt picture then it will save to server
  • It has TIN # data field. No extra process for BIR report
  • Admin can monitor all the expense from multi account & analize petty cash flow by expense category

Visitor Logbook

  • Make your manual fill out forms to a digital form system
  • Paperless and contactless, keep your shop safe and secure
  • Help your customer to fill out form with ease
  • Real-time data acquisition from shop customer